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+ Innovation in Psychology & Modern Society

Jessica has varied experience advising, speaking, and writing on topics related to psychology, mental health, and wellness.

Her background in startups, venture capital, and psychology makes her a skilled consultant for startups in mental and behavioral health. Jessica advises companies on market opportunities, marketing strategies, emerging trends, competitive landscape, and more. She frequently mentors blossoming entrepreneurs.

She is also available as a writer and speaker on psychology in modern society.

Relevant background:
-Currently, Product at American Psychological Association
-Formerly, Research Fellow at National Institutes of Health
-Published psychology and neuroscience researcher
-Summa Cum Laude, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Mind/Brain Studies from GWU

+ Entrepreneur Wellness & Mindfulness

As a former startup operator and venture capitalist, Jessica understands first-hand the psychological and emotional concerns prevalent in the entrepreneur community. She has researched and written about the importance of entrepreneur wellness.

Jessica is available as a speaker, workshop leader, and coach on the importance of entrepreneur wellness and specific strategies (mindfulness, meditation, self-concept framing) to move into a more mindful space.

Relevant background:
-Currently, psychology blogger, Intrapreneur at APA, Certified Yoga Instructor
-Formerly, startup operator and venture capitalist

+ Yoga & Meditation

For more about my background and offerings as a yoga and meditation instructor, please visit this page.


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