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+ Entrepreneur Wellness & Mindfulness

As a former startup operator, venture capitalist, and psychology researcher, Jessica understands first-hand the psychological and emotional concerns prevalent in the entrepreneur community. She has researched and written about the importance of entrepreneur wellness.

Jessica is available as a speaker, workshop leader, and coach on the importance of entrepreneur wellness and specific strategies (mindfulness, meditation, self-concept framing) to move into a more mindful space.

Relevant background:
-Currently, EIR at American Psychological Association
-Published Psychology Writer
-Yoga & Meditation Teacher
-Formerly, Research Fellow at National Institutes of Health
-Formerly, Startup Operator and Venture Capitalist
-Summa Cum Laude, Neuroscience, Psychology, Mind/Brain Studies

If you are interested in Jessica’s speaking, writing, teaching, or consulting, please reach out today: