What is most personal is most universal.”

-Carl Rogers

Venture Capital.

Jessica started her career as a Neuroscience & Psychology Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), before entering the world of startups and venture capital. With a passion for psychology and entrepreneurship, she now innovates new products for the American Psychological Association (APA). Through her blog ColorfulCortex, Jessica offers a relatable and humorous perspective on psychological topics focused on self-study.

Her mantra is to lead and support innovation in mental health and psychology, leveraging tools from technology to spirituality to support the journey of self-discovery. Jessica lives by the belief that “What is most personal is most universal.” Only by communicating in a way that is deeply (sometimes uncomfortably) personal can you ignite resonance in others.


+ Product at American Psychological Association
+ Founder of ColorfulCortex
+ Contributor at Huffington Post
+ Certified Yoga Instructor


+ Director at NextGen Venture Partners
+ Director at IVY
+ Research Fellow at National Institutes of Health
+ Research Coordinator at George Washington University

View my full professional background on my LinkedIn.

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