Why You Need to Stay in Your Body as a Creator

This article is an excerpt from The Thing About Creators by Jessica Carson. Read other excerpts at the end of this article. 

“I Can’t Feel My Face” — Dissociation v. Embodiment

We really can’t be blamed for our clunky relationship with the dense human body.

They almost never do what we ask of them. They create the strangest byproducts. They are sorry victims to gravity. And we don’t even get a manual on how to use them.

If your body was an Amazon purchase, you’d likely return it straightaway.

But to the body’s credit, it tolerates our blatant misuse of it quite understandingly.

We roofie it with drugs and alcohol. Underfeed and overfeed it with the most eyebrow raising “food.” Underwork and overwork it with bizarre exercise. Frazzle our electrical system with stress and toxins.

Our bodies are like a dog with the naive puppy tugging on its ear. They are patient and forgiving — but they do have a breaking point. And many of us are towing the line.

The truth is, we don’t really inhabit our bodies anymore. We decorate the house, but we don’t live in it. We are the worst data managers when it comes to our own body’s signals.

We anesthetize our aches with painkillers. Mask our emotions with meds. Numb child birth with chemicals. Hold our breath in too-tight clothes. Reject our monthly cycles with phony hormones. Ignore our body’s rejection of certain foods with antacids.

We barely feel our bodies anymore. Kind of like zombies. It gives a whole new meaning to, “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.” But I digress…

And the most successful among us aren’t immune to physical and psychological breakdowns. In fact, high-achievers seem invariably prone to the most mysterious medical maladies.

The Creator is often found with an assortment of pathology. Anxiety and depression. Chronic pain and sleeplessness. Addiction and obsession. Skin issues and hormonal imbalance. A perpetual cold that no amount of Emergen-C can cure.

Young disruptive guys unable to sleep at night. Young disruptive ladies running around with no periods. You wouldn’t believe how common it is.

Why does the energetically potent Creator succumb to medical dramas? Three reasons. And when combined, they create a petri dish for a breakdown.

First, the Creator is a lightening rod for energy. Second, they are experts at suppressing emotions (read “Impression Manager”). And third, they are excellent at dissociating from their bodies.

Dissociation is a muzzling of communication between your body and your conscious experience. And Creators are naturally prone to dissociative states.

We often dissociate when we space out, solve problems, block strong emotions, skirt criticism, handle fear or anxiety, or deal with adversity. All things the Creator has to do on a minute-to-minute basis.

The body can seem to get in the way of success. It’s easier to not feel what’s happening, so we shut down our access to its signals. One could argue the more able a Creator is to dissociate, the more successful they can be.

But all of this pent up, unfelt, unreleased power can manifest into some seriously wacky pathology. You can’t lock heat, energy, and valence under the surface of the body without expecting an eruption.

As we cut off our intuitive communication with the body for the sake of productivity, we make ourselves vulnerable to physical and psychological weakness.

The identity crisis comes when we disown the body as a hindrance to our disruptive potential. When it becomes foreign, strange, and uncanny. When it is more a nuisance than a vessel.

But Creators can re-possess the body with embodied practices. With tools that let you sink into the body and fully own its power.

So Creator, you can be in your body while you play boss. You can have your disruption and feel it too.

Disruption Eruption: Eclipse, Erupt, Embody

There are four big things I’ve learned about dissociation & Creator identity:
-Creators are very energetically powerful
-The nature of their work often results in dissociation from the body
-Dissociation locks the Creator’s energy in the body where it can lead to pathology
-Through embodied practices, the Creator can release stored energy

Here is my three step recipe to get Creator back in their body:

1. Find Your Attics — Eclipse
2. Find Your Volcanos — Erupt
3. Find Your Outlets — Embody

1. Find Your Attics —  Eclipse

We all have attics. Places in our body where we store all our sh**. Hiding spots where we cram things we don’t want to look at, much less let anyone else see.

Think of the last time you were so wrapped up in a problem that you dissociated. What got tight? What got stuck? What hurt? When your mind is not connected to your body, where are you stuffing the junk?

The first step is to find your attics Where are you hiding the pent up yuck? Where do you hold heat, tension, and energy?

-Hold my breath
-Furrow my brow
-Clench my jaw
-Tighten my shoulders, stomach, and hips

2. Find Your Volcanos – Erupt

We all have volcanos. Especially Creators.

Volcanos are sources of violent eruption following periods of dissociation. And sometimes things come out sideways. After a nice long dissociation session, what is the gruesome detonation that follows?

The second step is to find your volcanos. How does your pent up energy erupt? What are the physical and emotional rupture points? What are the not-so-great emotions, habits, or physical reactions that blow up after dissociating?

-Skin troubles
-Chronic muscle tension
-Eating — not hungry or absolutely starving

3. Find Your Outlets — Embody 

Sweet, sweet release.

There’s a fool proof way to overcome dissociation — embodied practices.

Embodied practices drop you into the body. They let you feel its weight, power, and current. Claim the body’s experience. Move energy around so nothing gets dammed up.

Creators have a lot of energy to play with — so you have to be responsible with it.

The third step is to find your outlets. What embodied practices will you adopt? Nearly any form of exercise will do, as will hiking, walking, yoga, sex, tai chi, gardening, and the like.

If you need extra help in unsticking stuck stuff, you can’t go wrong with an acupuncturist, reiki practitioner, bodyworker, or any other energy worker.

-Experience and learn reiki
-Practice and teach yoga
-See a regular bodywork therapist


Find Your Attics: Eclipse Find Your Volcanos: Erupt Find Your Outlets: Release
-Hold my breath
-Furrow my brow
-Clench my jaw
-Tighten my shoulders, stomach, and hips
-Skin troubles
-Chronic muscle tension
-Eating — not hungry or absolutely starving
-Experience and learn reiki
-Practice and teach yoga
-See a regular bodywork therapist

The Thing About Creators

Don’t be fooled: Breakdowns aren’t reserved for your burnout roommate. In fact, the most spectacular freak-outs, funks, and crises are saved for disruptors, innovators, influencers, trend-setters, and go-getters. It’s basically a right of passage. Welcome to the club.
The Thing About Creators explores the crisis of meaning plaguing modern day success stories. The Creator is a powerhouse of psychological and energetic strength — but these rarified abilities make them uniquely vulnerable to funks. Add to this our current work and play climate, and we have an epidemic in the making. But Creators can capitalize on their crisis unlike any other. They can disrupt themselves.

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VIII. Why You Need to Stay in Your Body as a Creator

I hope this taste of The Thing About Creators serves you. Share your thoughts with me — I can’t wait to hear from you, Creator.


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