Disruptor Syndrome — An Overview

This article is an excerpt from Disruptor Syndrome by Jessica Carson. Read more about Disruptor Syndrome and other excerpts at the end of this article. 

Disruptor Syndrome — An Overview

Over the years, my background in psychology has made me a natural dumping ground for the emotional baggage of my friends and colleagues.

And I cherish this role. I love being at the receiving end of their venting, fuming, and detoxing of squirrely frustrations. There is nothing better than playing happy hour therapist.

But lately, my five cent psychiatric help booth has been booming with a strange kind of business. So I’ve listened with spidey senses piqued, cat ears perked, and my intuition warning of a brewing storm.

In droves, my most successful peers have come to me in a state of crisis. Fighting against an existential deadlock. Tripping through their dark night of the soul. Floundering amidst some of the most outwardly successful eras of their lives.

As if in unison they downloaded a psycho-emotional-spiritual illness straight from the cloud of the collective consciousness.

And the bloodiest causalities are the disruptors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and go-getters. Moving through a breakdown, a funk, a freak-out, a crisis of meaning.

The crisis comes in different flavors and variations, but always presents with the same undertones.

A divided sense of self. An out-of-control-ness. A restlessness that can be smelled from across the room. A sudden pathological indecisiveness. A shifting set of wants, needs, and emotions, making them just as unpredictable to themselves as they are to others.

Accompanying the funk is often a buffet of colorful medical maladies. Anxiety, depression, and addiction. Sleeplessness, chronic pain, and sexual dysfunction. Trust me, I’ve heard it all.

Ironically, the disruptors in crisis are often the ones with the biggest reputations. The solidly defined external selves. From the looks of their precisely manicured resumes, immaculately managed impressions, and enviable social media profiles, they are totally “crushing it.”

And yet here they are. Perfectly packaged and strangers to themselves. With identities in a tailspin and a nasty case of whiplash.

So I wanted to know — Why disruptors? And why now?

Disruptors are wired for potency in every sense of the word.

Every feature of them is designed for manifestation. Their bodies are lightening rods for energy. Their minds are cabled for novelty. Their spirits are driven by exploration.

But the disruptor’s inborn nature is a gift and a curse.

These striking features also make them uniquely vulnerable. A great double-edged sword, their most valuable qualities leave them susceptible to psychological, physical, and spiritual distress.

Everything about the disruptor’s modern day environment instigates this crisis. The personal brands, the elevator pitches, the competitive advantages. It’s all a recipe for a breakdown of meaning.

But this epidemic is also an opportunity. Without crisis there is no fertilizer for growth. Indeed, every disruptor needs their Britney meltdown moment.

It’s basically a right of passage. Welcome to the club.

If you find yourself sucker-punched by a sudden funk, fear not. The magnitude of the disruptor’s pain is a reflection of the potential for meaning. There’s marrow to be sucked from the suffering.

So do what you do best, disruptor. Make something from nothing. Transform the product. Capitalize on your crisis.

The following articles are excerpts from Disruptor Syndrome:

I.  #FOMO — Novelty v. Commitment
II. Competitive Advantage —
Withholding v. Giving
III. Give Me Your Elevator Pitch — Duality v. Fluidity
IV. Twice-Born Souls — Restlessness v. Rootedness
V. Impression Manager — Perfectionism v. Vulnerability
VI. Era of the Personal Brand —
Permanence v. Experimentation
VII. Connecting Your WiFi — Separation v. Resonance
VIII. “I Can’t Feel My Face” — Dissociation v. Embodiment

I hope this taste of Disruptor Syndrome serves you. Share your thoughts with me — I can’t wait to hear from you, disruptor.

Disruptor Syndrome

Don’t be fooled: Breakdowns aren’t reserved for your burnout roommate. In fact, the most spectacular freak-outs, funks, and crises are saved for disruptors, innovators, influencers, trend-setters, and go-getters. It’s basically a right of passage. Welcome to the club.
Disruptor Syndrome explores the crisis of meaning plaguing modern day success stories. The disruptor is a powerhouse of psychological and energetic strength — but these rarified abilities make them uniquely vulnerable to funks. Add to this our current work and play climate, and we have an epidemic in the making. But disruptors can capitalize on their crisis unlike any other. They can disrupt themselves.

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