Orgasmic Meditation, Masculine Capital & LSD Microdosing


Orgasm: The Missing Nutrient”

The Buzz: Orgasmic meditation. Mic drop. If you haven’t heard of OneTaste, you now have the sauciest topic for happy hour conversation. In perhaps the most well-endorsed lawsuit waiting to happen, OneTaste blends Eastern philosophy, bio-hacking science, and feminist flavored sexual liberation ideology with a modern voice. Through impressive press coverage and alignment with widely followed hackers like Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey and Flow Genome Project’s Steven Kotler, they’re at the forefront of the Pro-Orgasm Movement.

The Back Story: OneTaste considers itself a consciousness practice, akin to yoga and pilates. With a clinical and austere approach – understandably necessary to temper the provocative practice – OM-ers attend “meditation” classes and workshops where male attendees studiously bring female classmates to orgasm. You can read a first-hand account via Elle Magazine. So why are bio-hackers gravitating to the practice? They claim orgasm is a “missing nutrient.”

The Science: There’s a growing camp of researchers, thought-leaders, and physicians who endorse the science of orgasm. A noble use of a PhD, if you ask me. Harvard physician and author of The Hormone Cure Dr. Sarah Gottfried argues we must “remodel the limbic system with oxytocin,” the hormone released during orgasm. She considers orgasm a much needed “nutrient” for hormonal and emotional health. How can you argue with a doctor?

Life Hack: OM-ers say the practice improves their vitality, energy, libido, pleasure, ability to destress, confidence, concentration, interpersonal connection and communication, and more. If you live in an OM city and can overcome the ick factor, then check it out. And don’t worry, they supply the gloves (no, I’m not kidding).


Your Bromance with Energy Drinks is Killing You

The Buzz: God, that energy drink makes you look so manly. Unbeknownst to my female psychology, the health of young men is suffering from hyper-masculine energy drink ads. Apparently when one bro jumps out of an airplane with a Redbull in hand, the rest follow. Like lemurs.

The Backstory: Energy drink marketers are laughing all the way to a well-caffeinated yacht. Psychologists believe the popularity of energy drinks isn’t all about the energy boost. Millennial men buy into the athletic, adrenaline pumping, babe magnet lifestyle of energy drinks in an attempt to “raise masculine capital.

The Science: According to a recent study, men who endorse traditional masculine ideology expect to have increased benefits from energy drinks. It’s not a surprise that these macho men have increased rates of caffeine consumption – but they also have high rates of sleep disturbance, anxiety, and heart problems. The effect was strongest for young white men. Sorry brah.

Life Hack: The can does not make the hunk. Find better ways to raise your masculine capital. Like hobbies or interesting facial hair. If you need caffeine on-the-go, swap out jitter-inducing energy drinks with cleaner alternatives, like Nootrobox’s GoCubes.


Programming Just Got a Hell of a Lot More Colorful 

The Buzz: While orgasm and energy drinks might give you a boost, this will bring you to another dimension. Workplace bio-hacks have spanned everything from Quaaludes for happiness, to cocaine for energy, to Adderral for focus. Now introducing the era of LSD microdosing.

The Backstory: The profile of an LSD microdoser isn’t what you’d expect. It’s an Everlane hoodie wearing, “übersmart twentysomething” working in San Francisco’s tech and innovation space. These creatives say microdosing provides energy, focus, and access to breakthroughs not available in their lucid mind state. Because let’s be honest, Google’s trippy “Inceptionism” neural network art project wasn’t created sober.

The Science: At around a tenth of a normal dose, a microdose won’t make you trip. But it does seem to provide the hyperconnected brain benefits of hallucinogens. LSD activates a sub-type of Serotonin Receptor called 5-HT5A found all over the brain, but particularly important in the frontal and visual cortices. Scientists believe stimulation at this receptor is responsible for the hallucinogenic effects of LSD.

Life Hack: This hack is still, well, illegal. So I don’t endorse it. But I would be curious to hear about your “roommates” experience. Similar to the idea marijuana is healthier than alcohol (114 times safer, to be exact), some experts claim LSD microdosing is healthier than Adderral. Do with that information what you will.


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